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Company Expertises

Air Freight & Ocean Freight

Whether you have a one-time shipment or regular consignments, be it small or big, our airfreight staff will be able to move your goods in the most efficient and cost effective manner. 


Under the guidance of our professional airfreight staff, we are able to provide the right decisions that will provide you with the best flight schedule with minimum delay and maximum cost saving.


With the help of our ocean freight staff, we are able to assist you in any shipment to any parts of theworld via ocean freight. Be it normal containerised cargo, LCL cargo or out of gauge cargo, we are able to handle all these shipment with ease.



Logistics​​ & ​Delivery Services

Storage​ & warehousing facilities​

With warehousing facilities in the eastern and western areas of Singapore, we are well equipped to provide comprehensive warehouse management solutions. In step with the latest technology and operating procedures, we are able to easily manage multi-client inventories and support same day shipping capabilities.


With yours goods in our safekeeping, you can be sure that you will get them wherever and whenever you want it.


​Buyers consolidation

If our customers receive cargo from multiple suppliers, we can consolidate their goods by our consolidation services. Consolidation services organising their supply chain in a leaner and more efficient way.


Optimised utilisation through consolidation

We optimise the utilisation of containers as part of our consolidation services. Dedicated containers are packed and sealed for final delivery at the customer's premises or straight to the end users with our Distribution Centre ByPass Programme. We basically turn multiple LCL shipments into FCL shipments.


Consolidation services reduce costs

With our buyer's consolidation services, you will have reliability, less cargo handling and fewer units to handle at your end destination. Buyer's consolidation services give you reduced costs and environmental savings and offer full transparency in a more simplified manner compared to multiple LCL shipment


Project Shipments​

Voluminous cargo, either by weight, size or quantity, or composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. A wide variety of sectors have project cargo needs, including shipyard, automotive, construction.


We work closely with the heavy lift contractor companies tailoring solutions to our customers needs. 


Wyn has the expertise to handle such cargo thanks to its logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination.


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